Counter Strike Cool Tricks And Cheats


1. Are There Any Cheats Available?

-For Sure There Are Cheats Available For Counter Strike If You HIt ~ Button On Your

Keyboard  A Console Will Open  And You Can See All The Logs Of The

Game And Can Even Input Commands.Which We Can Refer TO As Cheats.

For Ex- If You Input bot_kill In The Console All OF The Bots Will Kill Themself .

And If You Input sv_gravity num(the number you wants to change gravity to for ex. 30) The Gravity Will Change To Desired Number.

All Cheats List Available Here:

You can unlock the links from doing any of the following tasks:-

2. What IF I Delete The Shortcut

-OOPS! By Mistake You Deleted Counter Strike Shortcut  And IS Unable To Locate The Game Back Again.Then Its Simple:

-Just Locate HL/Half Life In Your Game Folder And

-Then Right Click On The HL And Hit Send To Desktop

-Come Back To Desktop And Right Click HL Shortcut

-And Go To Properties

-And Add -game czero To The Target Like The Example Below

“E:\Condition Zero\hl.exe” -game czero

-You Are Done

3.Game Doesn’t Runs

-What Should I Do With This All Stuff When My Game Doesn’t Runs 😦  ?

So, Is Your Counter Strike Showing A Error: Memory Is less Than 32Mb

And You Have Done All Of Your Efforts And Have Even Uninstalled Other Softwares

For Making Some Space  Into R.A.M FOR Counter Strike.

Well, You Are Going Into Wrong Direction Because That Error Isn’t Because OF R.A.M

But IS Due To The OS Version .

To Resolve This Issue:

-Right Click The Shortcut Of The Game.


And Follow ON-Screen Instruction

-You Are Done

-If It Still Doesn’t Works Try uninstalling The Game  And Repeat The Process Until

It Works.

4. Is Machine Gun Powerful Enough

-I Always Take Machine Gun But I don’t Think Its Too Much Powerful .Is It?

For Sure Yes It Is,

You Can Fire For Long Time With  Machine Gun.This Is A Cool Feature Of It But Instead Of This There IS Also A Trick Related To Machine Gun:

  • Using This Trick You Can Even Kill An Enemy That Is Behind A Box
  • In Counter Strike There ARe SOme Wooden Boxes Sometimes.And You Can Even Fire From It .
  • Just Make Sure That The Enemy Is Very Close To The Box And THen Just Start Firing.
  • And You Are Done

5. I Am Bored Of These Old Maps

-So You Are Bored Due To Those Old MAps There Are Tons Of Maps Avaible OnlineTo Choose From

You Can Found Some Of Them Here:


If You Are Bored Of All Of These Maps And Is Unable To Find More Then

What About Making One Of Your Own.

Wow!😱😱 It’s A Great Idea And It Will Even Pass Your TIme

You Can Make Your Own Maps From The Following Site:

 If I Have Forgot To Mention An Another Trick Here Then Contact Me Below.




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