Thinking of playing games? but which one to choose? as there are too many games available on the web and, here is a short list of top games you can play to pass your summer vacation.


It is a perfect battle game available for android/ios and windows.You have to buy,build,upgrade and to take your robo in to the battle.Game keeps updating according to needs of the users .Both mobile version and pc version are equally equipped with smart gaming features.You have to fight with other peers globally.It is equipped with 3D gaming system developed in unity.

PROS                                                                  CONS

  • Full 3D                                                         Pc version only available in Facebook  Gameroom
  • Easy battle system                                    Only available online 
  • Advanced graphics                                    In game charges are too high
  • Keeps updating                                          Due to stored locally on disk  data loss might
  • Fun to play                                                  caused
  • Multiplayer

2.CONTRA 2028

In the history of evolution of Contra,Contra 2028 is the latest version with advanced 3D graphics and awesome battling system available for windows.You have to fight with aliens in this free and fun packed game made in Unreal Engine 4. It is just developed by 8 students in 8 week.Sounds good,Right?

Then have a gameplay.

PROS                                                                  CONS

  • Full 3D                                                       Graphic card must be strong enough to run the game
  • Easy battle system                                  
  • Advanced graphics   
  • Available for free



Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Macintosh operating systems, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Linux.You have to challenge peers across the world and have to fight with them

PROS                                                                  CONS

  • Full 3D                                                       Graphic card must be strong enough to run the game
  • Easy battle system                                  Only paid version available 
  • Advanced graphics   
  • Multiplayer



This is a strategy based multiplayer game available for both android and pc.In this game you have to develop your own castle and have to loot/ruin other castles.

In Goodgame Empire players are the rulers of a medieval keep where they are responsible for protecting the populous, acquiring and managing resources, constructing various buildings and building up an army to defend their territory and invade neighbouring rivals. The game has in depth PVE elements…

This is available online for windows  as Goodgame empire and is available for ios/android as EMPIRE:FOUR KINGDOMS

PROS                                                                                   CONS

  • Teaches you how difficult rulership is?                  mobile version is not much good as the pc   
  • In-Game purchases are really very                         Not so much interesting in strating                   cheap and easy   



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